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About your Jeweler: Nathan Logan

Hi, I'm Nathan! I am the owner/Jeweler of the jewelers shop. I have over 10 years experience helping customers find their perfect piece of jewelry, and if it can't be found, I create it. Many times what you are looking for is a piece that has already been created, and sometimes, we just need to make it. Well I can help you with either.

I am often frustrated when salesmen push a product based on a higher price tag rather than on a customers needs and wants. I believe there is a time and place for custom and stock pieces and those times are completely determined by you. 

My promise is I will always give you my honest thoughts on what you are interested in, and whether it is a viable option for you. Nothing leaves my shop whether its a new purchase or a repair without me inspecting it, because I want your piece of jewelry to not only be something you love but something that will last your lifetime and hopefully longer. 


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